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This Year’s Election Is Not For The Swift With Lies, Sammy Awuku.



This Year's Election Is Not For The Swift With Lies, Sammy Awuku. 1

National Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sammy Awuku, has posited that the December polls is between the ruling New Patriotic Party and the opposition National Democratic Congress, a competition he describes as one between the “kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness”.
In his address to the press on the 13th of August,2020, the National Organizer stated, “The December 2020 race is not for the swift with lies but it is for those swift in actions; actions that benefit the masses of our country. This is why we are confident that the people of Ghana will endorse our message. Our leadership, our performance and our shared promise with them for the progress and prosperity of every Ghanaian; man or woman, child or adult. The future is before us and the future is shared, assured, and compact between the NPP and the people of Ghana.

The December 2020 race is between the NPP and the NDC. This will be a race between the kingdom of God and the Kingdom of darkness-Nana Akufo Addo and John Dramani Mahama”.
The NPP is confident that come 2020 December polls, the party will retain power as Ghanaians will never forget the ordeal John Dramani Mahama put them through.
“We believe it is an easy choice because unfortunately for John Dramani Mahama, the people of Ghana do not have a short memory. We remember like it was only yesterday”, he added.
He furthered there was nothing good about his eight years in power that could make Ghanaians give him the nod.
“John Mahama has lost touch with his own track record and the reality of the people whose votes he seeks. He was given a big chance by the Ghanaian people and he blew it”, the national organizer stated.

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