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W/R: EC suspends voters registration pilot as BVR machine fails



W/R: EC suspends voters registration pilot as BVR machine fails 49

The Electoral Commission’s pilot of the anticipated talk about Voter Registration exercise in the Western Region has been suspended.

The BVR machine used to capture the bio-data of applicants has developed a fault. Officials who were at the section to capture the bio-data have already packed off their machine.

Deputy Western Region Secretary of the NPP, Rex Jonfiah with Oteng Gbortse Freelance writer stated that he will wait on the regional director of the EC for an official comments on why the exercise has been suspended.

He added he was here yesterday and saw that the exercise was very smooth. What has happened I believe is solvable.

So lets have the patience and wait for official explanation

The Western Region Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC), Joe Nelson, told adwoaadubianews that the party is vindicated.

“The timing is wrong. In fact the whole venture is unnecessary. Because per the EC’s own assessment the electoral roll is credible. This roll has been used by the EC for many exercises and the EC deemed those exercises credible”, he noted. End.

Story:Bishop Oteng Gbortse, W/R.