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Why Obama’s hair almost completely grey while Trump’s hair is more of a younger blonde.



Why Obama's hair almost completely grey while Trump's hair is more of a younger blonde. 49



President Obama earned every grey hair and every line on his face serving our country to the best of his ability.

I didn’t always agree with him, and I often wished he had done more, but he did the best he could with the GOP fighting him every step of the way. His lined face and grey hair are battle scars, and he wears them with quiet pride and honor.

trump, on the other hand, wears his fake tan and hair dye in a grandiose display of what he has made of himself: a draft-dodging sack of suet poorly disguised as the ‘leader’ of the free world.

trump is older than Obama, chronologically. But Obama’s years of service aged him like a fine wine. trump, on the other hand is a cheap box wine in a brightly colored package that turned to vinegar years ago.