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Your Appeal Doesn’t Change Court Ruling; Quickly Admit The Rasta Students – Kwamena Duncan Fires Achimota School (Video).



Your Appeal Doesn't Change Court Ruling; Quickly Admit The Rasta Students - Kwamena Duncan Fires Achimota School (Video). 46



Former Central Regional Minister, Kwamena Duncan, has taken a swipe at the management of Achimota school over their statement to seek an appeal on the High Court ruling that the two Rastafarian students they disallowed entry into the school must be admitted.

The students, who were initially refused enrollment for refusing to shave their dreadlocks, sued the school praying the Human Rights Division of the High Court to “declare that the failure and or refusal of the 1st Respondent (Achimota School Board of Governors) to admit or enroll the Applicant on the basis of his Rastafarian religious inclination, beliefs and culture characterized by his keeping of Rasta, is a violation of his fundamental human rights and freedoms guaranteed under the 1992 constitution”.

They also asked the court for an “order directed at [Achimota School] to immediately admit or enroll the applicant to continue with his education unhindered”.

The court, after hearing the case, ruled on Monday, June 1, 2021 that Achimota School must admit the students with their dreadlocks.

But the Achimota school has issued a press statement dissenting to the court ruling.

“The Governing Board of Achimota School…. has learned of the outcome of the case brought against it by two persons who had earlier applied to be admitted in the school. The school board disagrees with the ruling of the court. The school has therefore directed its lawyers to appeal against the ruling,” the school’s statement read.

Reacting on Peace FM’s morning show ‘Kokrokoo’, Kwamena Duncan replied the Achimota school authorities saying, “going to appeal or seeking to appeal doesn’t mean it’s a stay of execution”.

He explained that the court ruling holds and so the children must be allowed to attend the school whether or not it proceeds to the Court of Appeal.

“The school must open its doors . . . These are Ghanaian kids in the dreadlocks. Let us not regret in the future. Their future is as critical to this country as any other Ghanaian child. So, if the school will go for an appeal, when they will not do it unilaterally and will have to do it conjunctively with the Ministry or GES, in the interim quickly the kids must be admitted,” he stressed.