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16.6 million eligible Ghanaians register for voter ID card – EC



16.6 million eligible Ghanaians register for voter ID card - EC 1


A total of 16,663,699 registered in the just ended voters registration, the Electoral Commission has said.

The Commission had projected to register 15 million eligible Ghanaians in the 38-day mass registration exercise, but exceeded that target at the end of the mass registration on Thursday, August 6, 2020.

It will be carrying out a mop-up registration at its district offices on Saturday, August 8 and Sunday, August 9.

“I’d like to appeal to all qualified persons who haven’t registered yet to go to their various registration centers and register because today happens to be the last day, even though there’s a mop-up exercise on 8th & 9th.

“Initially, we decided to do a blanket mop-up but knowing the situation on the ground and the fact the numbers are diminishing, we decided to do it at the district offices,” the Director of Public Affairs for the Electoral Commission, Sylvia Annor, told Accra-based Starr FM.

“A Limited Registration Exercise that would have taken place in all Electoral Areas and Registration Centers across the country was estimated to conservatively add about 2million Ghanaians on to the existing register,” it said.

The commission believes that without the compilation of a new Voters Register, it was on track to “have almost 19 million people registered and another 800,000 denied the right to vote.”

Below is the regional breakdown:

WESTERN         1,103,728              6.6

WESTERN NORTH            458,416              2.8

CENTRAL         1,547,991              9.3

GREATER ACCRA         3,466,751           20.8

VOLTA            920,309              5.5

OTI            349,218              2.1

EASTERN         1,598,571              9.6

ASHANTI         2,980,475           17.9

BONO            644,224              3.9

AHAFO            312,186              1.9

BONO EAST            584,374              3.5

SAVANNAH            278,746              1.7

NORTHERN         1,029,395              6.2

NORTH EAST            285,001              1.7

UPPER EAST            644,605              3.9

UPPER WEST            459,709              2.8

TOTAL REGISTERED      16,663,699

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