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2 Biggest Mistakes Most Men Do In The Bedroom.



2 Biggest Mistakes Most Men Do In The Bedroom. 1



Marriage life is full of disappointments. Whereas women might think they run the world with their womanly whiles, this gender sometimes, unlike men, makes the best decisions in the bedroom.

So, if the problem isn’t women’s lack of perfection or acting ability, what hinders couples from experiencing great compartmentalization? The answer usually lies in some very common mistakes men do while in the bedroom.

There are quite many things women hate to see their men doing. However, I’m only certain about a few, which of course by experience, seems not to please women.

  1. Never quarrel with your woman while in bed. In fact, avoid quarrelling with her at all times. Bedtime is priceless. Taking your woman to quarrels will simply deny her sleep. Women accomplish so many tasks in a simple day; keeping your house tidy, bathing the kids and definitely cooking your best dishes. It feels bad when you deny her sleep in the name of quarrelling. Kindly carry the dissatisfaction till morning after taking your breakfast.
  2. Thanking a woman after the act. My friend, don’t thank a woman for giving you your rights. It’s her rights too. In the case of a girlfriend, this will make you sound desperate and like a charity case. She won’t be back for more.

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Please note that these are only two of thousands of mistakes men do while in bed.

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