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2 popular men who have wept for Akuapem Poloo – (Video).



2 popular men who have wept for Akuapem Poloo - (Video). 60



Where is it written that crying or showing emotion is a strictly feminine concept?

And oh, ever heard of the phrase ‘Men don’t cry’ or ‘Be a man’ and so on? Well these men threw away such gender stereotypes and wept uncontrollably while sharing their concerns about Akuapem Poloo’s predicament.

These two ‘strong’ men who were part of the many celebrities to sympathize with the actress after she was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment on April 16, 2021, could not stifle their emotions while sharing their ‘two cents’ on the incident.

They shared in the view that Poloo’s offence (Publication of obscene material contrary to the Criminal Offences Act, 1960) deserved a much more flexible judgement, owing to the fact that she is a single parent and the breadwinner of her family.

With that being said, let’s take a look at these men who have shed tears for Akuapem Poloo

Appiah Stadium

With handkerchief in hand, popular National Democratic Congress (NDC) serial caller, Frank Kwaku Appiah, popularly known as Appiah Stadium, was captured in a viral video weeping like a baby while sharing his opinion on Akuapem Poloo’s jail sentence.

Appiah Stadium who was driving while recording the video, said he personally do not know Akuapem Poloo, but hearing her sad story somewhat made him cringe.

“I don’t know Akuapem Poloo from anywhere. I have never met her before. I’m an Akuapem and I am so much pained about what she is going through. Wherever she is, I’ll buy bedsheets and all other things that will make her life comfortable for her. She is a good fighter. I’ll look for her family and do all I can to make them ok. The country isn’t safe” a teary Appiah stadium said.


The veteran rapper was moved to tears while narrating how he felt about Akuapem Poloo’s 90-day jail sentence.

According to Reggie, he was praying and hoping the court would give a lenient sentence after she was convicted on Wednesday
Reggie Rockstone in an Instagram post said the social media sensation does not deserve to spend that much time away from her son.

“It’s rough out here, that girl is trying, she is trying…have some empathy, have love in your heart, you need to have feelings,” Reggie Rockstone said.