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24-year-old lady fined for transporting ‘wee’ to her boyfriend in police cells.



24-year-old lady fined for transporting ‘wee’ to her boyfriend in police cells. 49



Woman arrested for attempting to smuggle ‘wee’ into police cells

Woman pleads guilty in court for transporting ‘wee’

Woman charged for unlawful possession of narcotic drug

An Accra Circuit Court has fined a woman GH¢2400 for attempting to transport three wrappers of Indian hemp to her boyfriend who was locked up in the police station.

The woman identified as Freda Ibrahim on August 12, 2021, is said to have hidden the substance in a pack of food she was sending to her boyfriend, Gyamfi George, who was in custody for the offense of robbery.

According to the facts of case presented by Chief Inspector Bansah, when she brought the food to the station, the Station Orderly took the food to examine before handing it to the suspect but found three wraps of Indian hemp wrapped in black polythene concealed in the food.

Freda Ibrahim was immediately arrested and charged for unlawful possession of narcotic drug contrary to section 31 (1) of the Narcotic Control Commission Act of 2020.

“The accused was immediately arrested by the Station Orderly W/Constable Ofosu Yeboah Joyce and PW/Sergeant Rita Apau, who were the Counter Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), both on duty at the Charge Office, and immediately informed the Station Officer Inspector Rockson Dogbe.

“During interrogation, the accused claimed a friend of the accused George Gyamfi called James brought the food for her to be given to the accused person in cells,” Dailyguide quoted Chief Inspector Bansah.

The report added that she failed to lead police to arrest the said James, and several attempts by police for the accused and the one in cells to show the whereabouts of James failed.

He added that “they also failed to assist police with the contact number of the alleged James. After investigation, the accused was charged with the offense to appear before this honourable court.”

According to Chief Inspector Bansah, the exhibit has been forwarded to the Police Forensic Laboratory for examination and report.

The accused later pleaded guilty, then she was sentenced to a fine of 200 penalty units or in default serve 6 months in prison.