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My wife has been slapping me – Ghanaian man explains (watch video).



My wife has been slapping me – Ghanaian man explains (watch video). 49



A Ghanaian man based in the US and identified as Tamimu has openly revealed how his wife has been physically abusing him.

According to him, though they have been married for 5 years, he is still with her because of his love for his children.

He opened up about his predicament in an interview with Kofi TV.

“When I met her didn’t know her behaviour and I didn’t know she slaps men when they offend her, she could lock the door and take the keys away when she is going out to the extent that I can’t even go out if I want to,” he said.

His revelation comes on the back of recent Gender-Based violence cases that have been recorded this week in the country.

Tamimu explained, that not only does she physically abuse him, she also locks him up whenever she is going out.

“One day, I got furious and told her I am returning to Ghana and that was when she decided to give me a duplicate of the key. Sometimes when I even step out to the gym she could ask me what kind of company I have at the gym, she didn’t even allow me to breath for while…” he said.

He explained how his wife slapped him thrice in the presence of his friend and his partner.

“…She has slapped me three good times in front of my friend and his wife. When a woman beats a man it is seen as normal in our society but a man beats a woman the world will come after him.

“I am a very calm person but when I am tempted I react rudely, I have all my documents and permits but I don’t want to divorce her and I will be chastised for my actions.

“I have been living with her for close to five years now and what she is putting me through is nothing to write home about, abuse and violence are around us always but we have to endure it,” he added.

He noted that he is containing the cruel behaviour of his wife due to the future of his children.

“I have never been to school and I don’t want my kids to be a victim of that so I have to stay with her and endure it. I think I have seen some changes in her after I threatened to slap her back if she slaps me again. Men are really going through abuse but we are shy to speak about it.”

Listen to him in the video below;