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SHS Student Hospitalized For Forcefully Sodomized By a Gay -(Watch Video).



SHS Student Hospitalized For Forcefully Sodomized By a Gay -(Watch Video). 49



Report convened has it that a young boy who resides in Amasaman Dobro in the Accra Municipality has been sodomized.

The incident happened in a broad day light and the unknown man who did that evil act is now in the hands of the police.

According to the eye witness and from the account of the mother herself, this happened to a young boy who is about to be enrolled to senior high school and it has left with few days for him to leave for school.

This man saw him around the vicinity and called to ask him of a location. In the process of showing him the location, he blew some air on the little boy and all of sudden, he followed the boy to his mothers room.

According to the little boy, when there entered the room, the man lighted some candles and he didn’t see anything again.

So per the narration of the story, the man cast spell on him before doing it. He said he didn’t see anything again but he noticed pains at his back and he shouted.

When he shouted because of the pain, the man now decided to run away but he continued to shout and the people around the vicinity pursued him until they caught him. He has now been handed over to the police for further investigations.

When he was asked why he did that, he said he was horny but his girlfriend has left him that’s why he did that.

Unfortunately the boy is finding it difficult to walk and has been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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