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My life is under threat for my fight against corruption – Senyo Hosi reveals.



My life is under threat for my fight against corruption - Senyo Hosi reveals. 49



Senyo Hosi, the CEO of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distribution (CBOD), has revealed threat attempts that he has received on his life due to his persistent criticism and fight against corruption in the country.

He said that the threats, mostly from anonymous persons, do not come to him as a big shock because knowing what he does and how his work infringes on the freedoms of some people, he lives his life every day as if it is the last.

“Why shouldn’t I get threats when I am trying to put sand in somebody’s gari? I live life everyday with some clarity in thought that it may possibly be my last. I am being honest with you,” he said, reports

He explained that this and more have contributed to people threatening his life and that of his family, indicating that persons within the government could even be behind some of them.

“It is very depressing for people like me and my family whose lives are at risk and get all sort of threats trying to deal with these things [corruption]. And yet, those who are supposed to deal with do not do it because they [government] are all culpable,” he disclosed.

Senyo Hosi further accused the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo government of betraying the many people who had hopes in his claims and pledges in his 2016 campaign to fight corruption when he becomes president.

He noted that unlike people who have sacrificed themselves to stand for the truth in order to protect the public purse, the government, which is that is more powerful and has the law backing it, has been lackadaisical towards solving the menace.

In his estimation, this is an indication that the government is culpable in the act.

“The whole industry is going hay wire; and it is because of politicians, security officials, industry players and regulators. But there are ways to deal with it but very little commitment,” he stated.