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You Fooled Us – Prince David Osei Expresses Regret over Campaigning for NPP after Heavy New Taxes.



You Fooled Us – Prince David Osei Expresses Regret over Campaigning for NPP after Heavy New Taxes. 46


Actor Prince David Osei is starting to regret campaigning for the NPP in the 2020 elections.

The actor was all over the place trumpeting the goodness of the NPP during the campaign season. He was so invested in the party he went to campaign against his colleague actor John Dumelo in Ayawaso West Wuogon.

3 months after the election we’re starting to see signs ‘Opana’ is regretting his support.

The NPP government, having won the election, are now saying it ‘f*ck it’ and passing hardships onto Ghanaians.

The free water and electricity enjoyed during the pandemic, and which the NPP campaigned on and won, is now to be paid back through new taxes. The President has announced even more taxes on Ghanaians even though the pandemic is still raging.

Essentially they are giving all of us a giant middle finger!

Prince David Osei now sees the possibility of Ghanaians hurling abuse on him for helping deceive us make the wrong choice. He is therefore trying to get the President to change his mind, via Instagram.

We all know that’s going to happen!

Osei has petitioned the President to remove the new taxes in a new post on social media.

He wrote: “Pls, Mr President I believe in you! There can be another way of recuperating the money lost other then citizens paying for the free usage of water and electricity you affectionately offered to them.. Thank You @nakufoaddo ❤️”

According to him, if they campaigned for the NPP on the promise of ‘free’ stuff and then they hike taxes on Ghanaians, they would be exposed as ‘mindless’.

The crooked politicians are not going to change their minds because a celebrity they gave coins to for his support petitions them on IG. Osei is engaged in a useless PR exercise to make himself look empathetic but fact is Ghanaians are going to suffer as a direct result of his actions.

Nothing is going to change that.