75-year-old grand mother and daughter fight over a man

A bizarre love triangle is making shock headlines in Russia after a 75-year-old woman allegedly stole her daughter’s man.

Mum and daughter are said to be engaged in a tug of war for the same bloke after he dumped the younger woman in order to live with the septuagenarian.

Outspoken grandmother Galina Zhukovskaya is from the St Petersburg city in the western Russian region of Leningrad Oblast.

She has alleged she was jealous of her success with her ex-husband and is trying to lure him back because “she is bored”.

Contacted by Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, Zhukovkaya claimed the daughter even sent her granddaughter to try and seduce her husband.

She claimed to the paper: “She wants us to separate.

“She often sends her 30-year-old daughter, born from another man, to get intimate with him.”

Zhukovkaya continued: “My daughter is probably jealous that mum is not alone. I have someone to talk to and she doesn’t. But he won’t get back to her. She cheated on him too much.”

The woman married her son-in-law back in 2010 when Vyacheslav decided to leave her daughter due to allegations of infidelity.

When Podgornaya demanded he leave the marital home, her mum offered the man, Vyacheslav, a place to stay and that resulted in a love match which ended in marriage.

-: Fox8live.com

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