COVID-19: Couple hold online wedding with world in attendance 

The coronavirus pandemic has no doubt changed the world in very huge ways and it might be hard for things to go back to normal.

In order to curb the spread, states have been locked down by the government as people are advised to stay at home and practice social distancing.

This has definitely affected a lot of people’s plans especially young couples who had already fixed their wedding dates. Despite that, some people have decided to make use of technology to make things easier.

A lady identified on Twitter as Ki has shared how her big brother and his bride held an online wedding.

According to Ki, only the couple and their witnesses were physically present at the occasion and then she suggested an online wedding so that friends and relatives could also join the occasion.

Ki wrote: “Today was my big bro’s wedding. Because of the virus, only the bride, groom and their witnesses were allowed in the room. As the official CTO of my family, I suggested that we set up a Zoom so that our relatives and friends could join us. I present you the first Zoom WeddingFace with tears of joy.”

Ki also said that about 45 people were in attendance from different parts of the world. She wrote: “We had more than 45 people from France, CIV, Netherlands, SA, Calgary, etc. I muted everyone during the ceremony and recorded everything using zoom. People cried during the vows, at the end I unmuted them and all at the same time they applauded and congratulated the newlyweds”.

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