NPP Parliamentary Primaries Remains April 25, 2020 – Sources reveal

The New Patriotic Party says the party’s Parliamentary and presidential Primaries still remains April 25, 2020. It has therefore, urge party members especially, delegates and all aspirants to prepare adequately for the April 25, and ignore any rumour being peddled because the date cannot be change looking at the party activities for the year and the Electoral Commission’s relentless efforts to compile the New Voters Register regardless of opposition by some political parties and civil society groups.

A deep throat source from the party Headquarters has revealed that any postponement will affect the announcement of the new date by the Electoral Commission for the Compilation of the New Voters Register.
He also told that the last National Executive Committee meeting agreed that, the date should remain April 25, amid the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. He said the party will invite NPP pro Journalists, and the media who will push the agenda and also empower their Communicators and Serial Callers to canvass for the adherence of Social Distancing Protocols directive given by president Akufo-Addo.

The usual assembling of delegates at a place to elect their preferred Parliamentary candidates will not be encouraged. Electoral Areas or Ward systems as demarcated by the party will be used as polling stations taking into consideration the precautionary measures given by the president.
It was also disclose that the date for the NPP to elect its presidential candidate for the 2020 general elections has passed while they keep chastising NDC and John Mahama of failing to choose to a running mate. This has been a major tool they are using as a cover up against their inability to elect their presidential candidate in February.

According to the informant the Electoral Commission is set to announce May 18, as the new date for the compilation of the New Voters Register which has been described by some political parties, civil society groups and a section of Ghanaians as needless and corrupt venture.

We must make sure that the EC’s appetite to procure the New Voters Register comes into fruition because our base, the middle income earners have vow not voting come December 7, 2020. We should also bear in mind that the NDC has it base intact referenceing the surveys conducted by CDD after 2016 elections. The recent intelligence gathered has also revealed that the apathy that contributed to the defeat of the NDC in the 2016 elections has been worked on by the NDC executives through the reorganisation and the speak out tour by John Mahama.
Without the New Register we have to consider defeat before the December 7.

The issue of postponing the 2020 general elections will not be welcome by Ghanaians and should not enter into the books or mentioned.

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