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Abusuapanin Judas has made life miserable to me – Santo’s son



Abusuapanin Judas has made life miserable to me – Santo’s last born

Y’all know that Abusuapanin Judas was the very best friend of the late Santo. So, after the death of Santo, the sons of Santo were expecting a lot from the camp of Judas.

But from the look of things, Abusuapanin Judas seems to have abandoned all his responsibilities.

Thus, Santo’s final child has lamented how terrible life has been for him. He claims his father’s best friend Abusuapanin Judas abandoned him.

The child approached blogger Zionfelix for an interview in order to share his hardships and hope for aid with the rest of the world.

According to him, he contacted Abusuapanin Judas for support but he expressed his disappointment because he knew Santo had children.

He went on to say that even if Judas believed the older children were fit to live, he should have remembered the last born.

Akwasi Nyamekye stated that he had not seen Abusuapanin Judas since his father’s burial and it’s very unfortunate.

Watch the video below: