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Adina Thembi to host musical concert in July to raise fibroid awareness.



Adina Thembi to host musical concert in July to raise fibroid awareness. 49



Adina Thembi reveals her new project ‘Beautiful Inside’ amidst album launch and ten nominations at the upcoming VGMA 2021.

The songstress launched a campaign after her battle with fibroids. The songstress said that she wanted to create a safe space for women to heal and deal with the trauma of having uterine fibroids.

Speaking on 3fm, Adina said women reached out to her after her surgery in February on social media to share their experiences with her. And this inspired the movement to create awareness.

The Beautiful Inside Campaign is to raise awareness about uterine fibroids. And to help women through the journey of treatment and recovery. They provide facilities for women to get tested and scanned, counsel and help those with extreme cases get surgery.

According to her, most women said they were scared to go to the hospital because they were afraid of surgery. And others were just in denial.
Adina said, “When I noticed the bulge, it thought i was overweight from bad eating habits. So I ate right, worked out, but the bulge kept growing. When i went to the hospital, it was huge and needed operation promptly. If you suspect you have fibroids, the most important thing to do is to go to a trusted health space and get a scan. Also, get different opinions and decide on the best possible course of action. Do not listen to all the weird stories. Don’t lose alive because you were too scared to save it.”

Adina hopes to hold a musical concert with the fashion show in July (the month of fibroid awareness) with other female performers to raise funds for the cause. She also advised women to take care of their bodies before surgery for quicker recovery after surgery.

The Araba album is predominantly Afro-beats with reggae with African influences like twi and Fanti.