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Agradaa was a confident trickster; had no powers – Kumchacha.



Agradaa was a confident trickster; had no powers – Kumchacha. 49



The Head Pastor of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha says former fetish Priestess, Patricia Oduro Koranteng known as Nana Agradaa had no powers in the past.

According to him, Nana Agradaa was only engaging in tricks to duped her clients who come to her to seek help.

“All that I could see was just wooden crafts, these are not really accoutrements of a spiritualist. I have always maintained that Nana Agradaa doesn’t have any power, not even medicine that can kill mosquitos or houseflies. She doesn’t have paracetamol, what she was engaged in was ‘Accra stay by plan tricks’,” Prophet Kumchacha said on Kasapa 102.5 FM.

The born-again fetish priestess Patricia Oduro Koranteng during a press conference after her release from cells said she went to church where the pastor pronounced her as an Evangelist.

Nana Agradaa said on the basis of her encounter, she is leading some powerful men of God to her residence for all her gods to be burnt.

“I told God he is the Supreme Being. If I am not incarcerated after stepping foot in court that day, I will hail Him. After I threw that challenge to God, I stepped out from the cell,” she narrated.

However, Prophet Kumchacha, on the contrary, said the stuff burnt at her premises on Thursday were just some table and chairs and not real gods from a fetish priest as Nana Agradaa claimed.

“I started talking about Nana Agradaa’s tricks long ago and anytime I talk she will use macho-men to intimidate me here and there. There are others who will call me with death threats. I have said countless times that Nana Agradaa has no money doubling spirit which she reported me to Police Headquarters in Accra,” Kumchacha said.

He continued: “All that she engages in is empty threats and causing her macho-men to intimidate her critics when you talk about her tricks on unsuspecting Ghanaians. That is why I am of the view that if only her claim of being converted as a Christian is genuine, then so be it. She has realized that we are publishing and making people aware that she is a confident trickster.”