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Any impropriety done must be corrected – Koku Anyidoho on Domelevo sacking.



Any impropriety done must be corrected - Koku Anyidoho on Domelevo sacking. 1



Koku Anyidoho, the Chief Executive Officer of the Atta Mills Institute says any wrongdoing that might have been committed in the removal of Daniel Yao Domelevo should be rectified.

Speaking in a Starr FM interview, Koku admitted to not following the issues keenly but advised if anything untoward was done by any of the parties involved in the issue, it should be corrected.

“I have not followed it deeply but my thoughts are about fighting corruption in Ghana. My thought is that if anything was done that’s improper, that impropriety must be solved. All I’m saying is that if he was removed wrongly then that wrong must be righted,” he said.

Domelevo was ordered to retire by President Akufo-Addo last week after being accused of falsifying documents to extend his retirement age.

“The attention of the President of the Republic has been drawn to records and documents made available to this Office by the Audit Service, that indicate that your date of birth is 1 June 1960 and that in accordance with article 199 (1) of the Constitution, your date of retirement as Auditor-General was 1 June 2020.”

The statement explained that “based on this information, the president is of the view that you have formally left office”.

The president has been condemned widely by civil society organizations for hounding out Domelevo.

According to the groups, the persecution of Domelevo by the Audit Service with the implicit approval by the president is a major setback in the country’s fight against corruption.

“The questions regarding Mr Domelevo’s date of birth which formed the recent basis for the President’s letter were not handled in accordance with the Constitutional directive in Article 23. The actions of the office of the President and the Audit Service affirm our belief that Mr Domelevo has been unfairly targeted.”