B/R: Student killed after clashes at registration center

One person has been killed in Banda in the Bono region over a confrontation at a registration centre.

Starr News understands that the scuffle at the registration center began after some persons associated with the NPP parliamentary candidate for the constituency confronted brother of the MP for the area, Ahmed Ibrahim, over reasons not yet known.

The deceased, according to the MP, was a teacher training graduate who was returning to the area to inform his parent of his completion of studies.

Information available to Star News indicates that shortly after the registration centre incident, the persons went to the house of the brother of the MP at Tabie. The incident reportedly triggered anger among residents of Tabie who mounted roadblocks in an attempt to avenge the attack.

MP for Banda Ahenkro giving his account on the Starr Midday News said: “the brother of my opponent who is the NPP parliamentary candidate was arrested with invisible forces and vigilantes with ammunition and guns causing mayhem and disturbances at the registration centre. The military cum police cum immigration team who arrested him, released him just 30 minutes after arresting him. So, they brought the exhibit to the police station without the culprits. And this was upon the intervention of the District Chief Executive.

“So, after setting these guys free, they went back to the registration centre and they were all jubilating that hey are in power and will teach we the NDC where the power lies.”

He went on “I thought it was a joke. The following day, yesterday, the parliamentary candidate together with his brother who was arrested and acquitted went to my house attacked my brother in the full glare of the police, beat him to the point that they thought he was dead and they left him there”.

“After that, the community people organised in the area and said that car which came to do this should not pas there again, and that orchestrated the mounting of barriers in other communities. as I’m talking now there is a situation of lawlessness,” he indicated.

He, however, noted that the deceased was a “student from the Eastern region. A training college student who had just completed. So, he was on his way from the scholar to the community to tell his parents he had completed school.”

“They are the same people who attacked my home,” he alleged.

Police PRO for Bono region Chief Inspector Augustine Oppong told Starr News he could not confirm the death until investigations are over.

He noted that some policemen have sustained injuries from the clashes.

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