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Bad News Hit NPP.



Bad News Hit NPP. 1


Way back in JHS 3, our teachers used to remind us, “BECE is just at the corner”. Today by the grace of God I can also say, 2020 presidential election is just at the corner. In less than three (3) months, we will all be trooping in to our respective polling stations to vote for either a continuation of the current NPP government or a change in government. As it has always been the practice, whiles the two main political parties are promising both what they can and cannot do in order to win the sympathy and subsequently the votes of eligible Ghanaians, some prophets are also foretelling which political party will take the mantle come December 7th. Whiles some prophecy in favor of the ruling party, 99% of all others do it in favor of the opposition NDC. Over 500 social media polls conducted were all in the favor of NDC.

From the way things are going, I can also confidently say that the downfall of the NPP will be witnessed on 7th December, 2020. Some actions and inactions of the ruling party will go a long way to cause their defeat with the help of the following groups of people:

(1). Commercial Drivers

Commercial drivers are among the groups of people who will vote massively against the NPP this year. Ever since the party took over in January 2017, commercial drivers have seen so much unjust treatments. They have been hit with huge raises in third-party insurance premiums, road worthy fee, cost of spare parts, amongst others. As if that was not enough, commercial drivers were forced not to increase their fares most of the time when fuel prices shot up. I can deduce that the NPP government has run the economy with commercial drivers’ money, and they will contribute massively to the defeat of the ruling party in the upcoming presidential election.

(2). Okada Drivers

Okada riders will vote massively against the NPP in this year’s presidential election. This group of workers have recently heard good news from the flag bearer of the NDC, Mr John Mahama. He has promised to legalize and regulate their operations in the country. This will ensure that they are properly recognised as legal workers in the country, thereby eliminating the arrests they suffer from the police. Some have called on the current president to legalize the business before December, but from the look of things, he is not in the position to do so. And so come December, this group of workers will troop in their numbers to vote massively for the NDC to come to power to fulfil that promise.

(3). Menzgold Customers and Customers of Local Banks that were Collapsed in this Administration.

Customers of Menzgold and other local banks were hit hard by what the government calls ‘sanitizing the financial sector.’ As to whether the move was the right way to tackle it or not is not what I’m talking about now, but my concern is on the plight of the customers. Some of the customers that invested their monies at Menzgold and the other banks were pensioners and ordinary people who saw those investments as viable at that time. Business was moving on smoothly until government started it’s so-called cleansing. It’s been close to 2 years, but instead of government showing a keen interest in making sure that their monies are paid to them, customers are still not privy to what is happening.

Last January, we heard in the news that the CEO of Menzgold was paying some of its customers, but till date, they are still crying. Just this week, I heard one retired police officer narrating the ordeal he has been through after depositing his pension lump sum at Menzgold. The most annoying thing is that the CEO of Menzgold has rebranded and begun signing new artistes, while his customers suffer with the government looking on unconcerned. Mr Mahama has promised to pay the customers’ money to them when he wins power. They and all their family members will therefore hurry to the polling station come December and kick the NPP out of power, with the hope that Mr Mahama will see to it that their monies are paid to them when he assumes office.

(4). Final year Senior High School Students.

Most of the final-year senior high school students have turned 18. Some of them would have still turned 18 by December, and will be considered as eligible voters. Many are those who are of the view that all or most final-year SHS students will vote for the NPP because they have benefitted from the Free SHS policy, but it’s not straight forward like that. This is the group of students that suffered from the poor implementation of the policy. Some of them were placed at distant locations with no boarding facilities, and were forced to rent rooms at exorbitant prices. They were still asked to buy too many items on their prospectus, and many schools were still taking PTA levies. They and their parents know the hustle they went through and will advise themselves accordingly to vote the NPP out with the expectation of a better running of the policy by the next NDC government.

(5). Small scale miners and Galamsey operators.

Since Nana Addo came into office in January 2017, contrary to what he has promised the small scale miners and galamsey operators, he came and just did exactly the opposite. This Nana Addo government collapse the job of these groups of people. Nana Addo’s galamsey taskforce killed some of these people, rendered them jobless, sized their equipments and excavators and gave them to NPP members to do the same galamsey business.The justification was that, the party need money to do campaign. How can you sized these peoples’ excavators, their golds and guns and gave them to your party members? Come December 7th, they will vote massively for JM to come to power because JM has promised to retrieve all their equipment, their golds and excavators from this sakawa government and give them their equipment.

(7). NABCO beneficiaries will be retained permanently and be given decent salaries. This is a good news for this group of people because currently, only ghs700 that they are been paid. Even that ghs700, up to now some haven’t been paid. Only a fool person in this group that will vote for Nana Addo because there was no any plan in NPP manifesto for this group. Now that JM has a clear plan for them, they will vote massively for him.

(7). Assembly members. Another group that are going to vote for JM massively is our Assembly members. JM has promised to pay them monthly salaries and they said they are going to vote for him massively for that dream come true.

(8). Graduate Teachers Association.

JM has promised to abolish the mandatory national service and teacher licensure examinations for graduate teachers. These groups of people are going to vote for JM massively on December 7th.

(9). Ghana Student Lawyers Association. This group of people are going to vote for JM massively because JM has accepted what they want to be done for them. Not too long ago, they issued a statement saying they are going to vote for JM massively on December 7th.

(10). Ghana Farmers Association. The next NDC government will continue to provide free agro- inputs( fertilizer, insecticides, fungicides and so on and extension services to all cocoa farmers in Ghana. The current NPP government is selling the fertilizer to them.

Truly Truly, the NDC’s manifesto is peoples’ manifesto. These and many groups have been captured in the manifesto and they are going to vote for NDC & JM massively on December 7th.

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