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Barack Obama’s step-mother Kezia Obama dies.



Barack Obama’s step-mother Kezia Obama dies. 1



Kezia Obama, the stepmother to former US president Barack Obama has died.

Kezia, 81 was the first wife to Barack Obama Snr and mother to Malik Obama, Auma Obama and Sadik Obama and Mustapha Abo, reports The Standard.

Her death was confirmed by Auma Obama who tweeted saying, ‘Lost my beloved mother yesterday. I’m numb.’

Keziah’s death comes two weeks after the demise of the family’s great grandmother, Mama Sarah Obama, which occurred on March 29.

Mama Sarah was buried at her Kogello Village home on March 30 in accordance with Islamic practice.

Family members led by Malik’s other brother, Said Obama, said the 81-year-old matriarch had been ailing for a while.

It remains unclear whether the deceased, who is a Muslim, will be buried later Wednesday, April 14 in the UK in compliance with Islamic tradition.

“We, however, wish her remains can be transported to Kenya so that she can be interred at her ancestral home in Siaya,” said a relative.

Mrs. Obama passed away on Tuesday at a UK hospital where she was receiving treatment.

Her death comes about two weeks after the passing of the family’s great grandmother, Mama Sarah Obama.

Barack Obama’s father, Barack Obama Senior, had two known partners; the former President’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (an American national), and Malik’s mother, Keziah Aoko Obama.

The deceased is survived by four children; Malik Abong’o Obama, Auma Obama, Mustapha Abo and Sadik Obama.