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#BeInspired: Meet the young paraplegic Uber driver working without functional legs – (VIdeo).



#BeInspired: Meet the young paraplegic Uber driver working without functional legs - (VIdeo). 46



A vibrant young and hardworking roofing contractor set out one day in December 2010 to work, hoping to work for his monthly wages.

He did get to work, walking at points and picking public transport at others, till he got to Adenta Commando, a suburb of Accra.

Little did Ellah Ametor Avumatsodo know that would be the last time he would have a feel of the walking experience because of a terrible accident.

That day, he lost his ability to walk, after falling from the 2nd storey of a building he was roofing and that began a chain of woes for him. Suicide attempts set in, after the dejection and discrimination he suffered.

But soon enough, he put himself back together and decided to make the most of what life offered him.

Through the benevolence of a friend who also found herself with a physical challenge, he acquired a vehicle with an assist device with which he drives.

It’s a pedal which he operates with his hand and with this, he has registered as a cab-hailing driver, serving customers, with the greatest care and safety.

Positivity he says is his biggest weapon with which he faces life’s struggles and hurdles and the safety of his customers are his utmost priorities.

People&Places’ Wonder Ami Hagan got to him, and he had this inspiring story to share:

Watch the video below: