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Black officer in George Floyd killing is Nigerian



Black officer in George Floyd killing is Nigerian 1

The black officer pictured in George Floyd’s killing is Nigerian, confirmed reports have it.

J. Alexander Kueng, 26, who was part of the wicked cops who arrested and murdered George Floyd has been identified as Nigerian.

He was born from a white mother and a Nigerian father.

J. Alexander Kueng was the one who held down Floyd by his back while senior officer Derek Chauvin knelt on the black man’s neck for almost nine minutes.

Kueng has since been fired, charged in connection with the murder, and denounced by some of his siblings for his failure to intervene in Floyd’s death.

His mother while speaking disclosed that the main motive why he joined the force was to protect Black people from intimidation.

Black officer in George Floyd killing is Nigerian

Speaking to the New York Times, she said:

That’s part of the reason why he wanted to become a police officer — and a black police officer on top of it — is to bridge that gap in the community, change the narrative between the officers and the black community.

‘It’s a gut punch,’ she added.

‘Here you are, you’ve raised this child, you know who he is inside and out. We’re such a racially diverse family. To be wrapped up in a racially motivated incident like this is just unfathomable.

‘I had to stay out of the race conversations because I was a minority in the household.

‘It didn’t really matter, but it does matter to them because they are African-American. And so they had to be able to have an outlet to tell their stories and their experience as well, especially having a white mom.’

So shameful of him.

Source: New York Times

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