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BOMBSHELL: Akuffo Addo is a Tribal Bigot! – Says Ho West MP, Emanuel Bedzrah




BOMBSHELL: Akuffo Addo is a Tribal Bigot! – Says Ho West MP, Emanuel Bedzrah 3

Member of Parliament for Ho West and Chairman of the Volta caucus, Emanuel Kwasi Bedzrah has said, there’s nothing that can be said by any to convince him or any other Ghanaian not to believe that the president, Nana Akuffo-Addo is a tribal bigot. He made these revelations when he appeared on SIMPIESO, an afternoon political Radio Talk Show hosted by Kakeeku on Accra based Ahotor 92.3 FM.

According to the legislator, in all throughout history the NLM/UP/NPP tradition has always believed and promoted same that any policy by any government or whatsoever isn’t good if it’s not from their stock.

Basing his points on some of the happenings during the new biometric voters registration exercise to which he showed pictures he took personally on his phone, he agreed with the statement made by CODEO and other bodies that this was the most violent of all times since the attainment of independence.

“Nana Addo and his NPP has shown clear that they do not like and respect people from the Volta stock and in all that they do, they make it known. Their formal General Secretary Kwabena Agyapong once said of the Voltarians, are there also humans there? And that was an absurd statement which was never condemned by his own party gurus and Akuffo Addo himself till date and now look at what they are doing to people who speak Eve even as far as Banda”

He bemoaned the cruel manner in which some people who are all Ghanaians were treated and why a number of them couldn’t register. Nonetheless, he revealed that the NDC as a party came up with a plan B knowing very well what the NPP-Nana Addo led administration could do and that as a party, they can say that their Plan B has worked to perfection. As to what was involved in the said Plan B, he declined.

“they thought they were doing us, in fact that was their plan, but they have failed and are loosing this elections because our plan B has worked to perfection, though I would not tell you what is involved in that plan but, all I can say is that it worked and that we [NDC] are winning the 2020 elections hands down”.

Asked what their next action would be, Honorable Emanuel Bedzrah indicated that they are fervently preparing to petition the international community on this especially the United Nations since such acts can seriously affects the country’s peaceful democracy.

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