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Boy drowns whiles fetching water in a dam at Ashaiman Lebanon.



Boy drowns whiles fetching water in a dam at Ashaiman Lebanon. 49



A 19-year-old drowned in a dam at Ashaiman Lebanon whiles fetching water on Wednesday, April 29, 2021.

Daniel Napuni and his friends had gone to the stream to fetch water as a result of the shortage of water from the Ghana Water Company which has hit Tema and his surroundings.

According to an Adom TV report, Daniel Napuni was said to be fetching water in the dam with his colleagues when his green gallon was blown by the wind to a far end of the dam.

In an attempt to reach out for it, the boy drowned in the dam as his friends could not help due to their inability to swim.

Narrating the incident, father of the deceased said, “My son was going to take the gallon for his friend but he didn’t come back. He doesn’t know how to swim. It was a childish act because he thought he could just reach out for the gallon.”

He added, “We are still searching for his body. We came to fetch water here because the taps have been locked and we don’t have water.”

Kofi Gideon who witnessed the incident narrated that, “the deceased came here with a female friend and they were swimming so at a point I realized the gallon was moving on top of the water.”

“I suddenly saw three people going for the gallon but the rest stopped but the deceased proceeded till he drowned,” the witness stated.

A search party has been launched to search for the body of the deceased.