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BREAKING: ELECTION 2020 – NPP will lose La Dadekotopon seat at all cost – Political Analyst



BREAKING: ELECTION 2020 – NPP will lose La Dadekotopon seat at all cost – Political Analyst 3Independent Political Analyst Eric Yobo has said, there is no way the NPP can retain the La Dadekotopon seat. They will lose it to the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC, he said.

According to the astute analyst, the La Dadekotopon seat was only won by the NPP during the last held general elections in 2016 for the first time due to a number of reasons that now has turned to the opposite side.

“There was voter apathy among many in the constituency against the then MP Hon. Nii Amasa Namoale for many obvious reasons one being that the constituents needed some change and also there was lack of unity among the rank and file of the NDC in the constituency leading up into the 2016 elections plus the overall abysmal performance of the party in the general elections. Is that not the case with the NPP now”? He questioned.

The astute football administrator Vincent Odotei Sowah captured the seat from the NDC largely due to his communications prowess and skills and when the NPP won the Presidential elections, he was subsequently appointed a deputy communications Minister thus, making him more relevant to the constituents. However, for some inexplicable reasons, Vincent Odotei Sowah’s Deputy Ministerial appointment was revoked by the president Nana Akuffo Addo on April 6, 2020.

In the meantime, the rank and file of the NPP in the La Dadekotopon seems to be at war with the “one-time darling candidate” of the party who was nicknamed “Obama” barely four years as MP and was voted against massively by the party’s executives during their parliamentary primaries. In the end, the legislator lost to a new face, Joseph Gerald Tetteh Nyanyofio who polled 543 against Sowah Odotei who polled 376.

Mr. Joseph Gerald Tetteh Nyanyofio of the NPP would battle it out with the NDC’s Ms. Rita Odoley Sowah, a former Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) who is billed by many and has vowed to recapture the seat for the NDC. In the meantime, the former MP Hon. Nii Amasa Namoale has been playing active role as a communications member of the party speaking well of the party’s newly elected parliamentary candidate.

This according to Mr. Yobo, is a good omen for the party going into the December polls as a united force against the NPP’s somewhat broken and wobbling front.

He spoke with ace broadcast journalist and talk show host Kakeeku on SIMPIESO, an afternoon political radio talk show on Accra based Ahotor 92.3 FM.


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