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Can Bitcoin reach 1 million US dollars?



Can Bitcoin reach 1 million US dollars? 56



$1 million USD per Bitcoin? It is absolutely possible.

However, even though that would benefit me personally, I’d rather not see it happen since that would likely mean that the US dollar (and likely most fiat) was collapsing in on itself.

This would bring with it economic devastation the likes of which has not yet been seen in the history of the world, disrupting the hard-earned wealth that so many have worked for and saved their entire lives, only to learn that what they were working for was now barely worth the cotton and linen it was printed on.

The US’s $19.84 trillion USD is a mountain-range of debt that most believe isn’t payable, especially since the total USD in circulation is only about $1.2 trillion. And yet it grows.

And the politicians kick the can down the road, continually making the short-sighted decisions that will bring great poverty to the future generations that have to face the repercussions of their short-sightedness.

And the bankers continue on with their hypocritical rhetoric that “Bitcoin is a bubble”, either failing to see or seeing all too clearly that it or something like it may not be a bubble at all, but a needle.