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Cardi B reveals the world deadliest Terorrist



Cardi B reveals the world deadliest Terorrist 1

American singer and rapper, Cardi B has mentioned who is the true Terrorist in the world for all to be aware.

Cardi B has for some time now been going raw across her social media handles in her quest to voice out her displeasure on matters of great public interest.

Cardi B reveals the world deadliest Terorrist

She also blasted her country’s President, Donald Trump for ordering the murder of top Iranian Army Commander, Qassem Soleimani.

In a new development, Cardi B has disclosed the name of the world’s deadliest Terrorist and you won’t believe who that is.

Reacting to a video of an Iranian crying while voicing out his love for Americans and hate for their leader, Donald Trump, Cardi B went raw.

The Iranian said his countrymen and women love America so much but for their leader, it is the opposite.

Also, the video had the Iranian saying they ain’t terrorists as Donald Trump is trying to make the world believe.

Then Cardi B hit the nail right at the head by saying Iranians are peaceful but Donald Trump is the deadliest Terrorist the world should be aware of.

She wrote:

“Voice of Iranians.They not terrorist.Trump is.”

Some of her fans really supported her with few going against.

Below are some few comments to prove so.

PS I feel for these ppl. Their leader is a poor representation of who they are as a whole. Just like trump is a poor representation of who we are as a whole. Prayers on top of prayers 🙏🏼

Heartbreaking thank you for using your platform for good mama que Dios te bendiga siempre 💜🙏🏽

If u think bout it. If u really break it down, our “leader” is not much different then theirs. Let that sink in ppl

Iranian government does NOT represent Iranian people! We are not ter.rorists and we wish LOVE and PEACE for us and for the rest of the world.
Thank you Cardi for showing this to the world! 💜🇮🇷

They need a president like ours period. Anyone who is against trump defending our own nation IS on the far left. Who’s to say they are being lied to and their very own sad emotions could be manipulated by there own government that hates trump as well. ( we the people of the USA can not make/ rely on our own NEWS anymore due to the trump derangement syndrome) PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES. and stop lying to yourself saying that it’s all trumps fault. WITH ALL RESPECT ✊ IF IRAN CARED ABOUT THEIR PEOPLE THEY COULD STOP PROTESTING THE DEATH OF TRUMP DEATH TO USA AND ISREAL AND STOP SUPPLYING KILLER MILITIAS IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

In a separate piece of news, Meek Mill has also disclosed that he’s moving to Africa.

See Screenshot Below:
Cardi B reveals the world deadliest Terorrist

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