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Checkout the basic salaries of teachers; diploma and degree.



Checkout the basic salaries of teachers; diploma and degree. 56

Teachers in Ghana are amongst the top payed professors in the country, the teaching profession has the highest number of workers in Ghana with over 390, 000 workers in the country. Checks proved that No civil servant takes more than a teacher on same rank or with same certificates.

Untill 2019, any teacher leaving the college of education is awarded a diploma in education, he or she is posted to a basic school to teach and their salaries are as follows.

Teachers are grouped into two, professional and non professional based on their qualification, one who has not offered education program is a non profession teacher.

A diploma teacher in 2021 takes home Ghc 1, 750 as net salary and a gross of Ghc2, 350.

He or she pays a SSNIT contribution of Ghc107 and teachers dues of Ghc50 if they belong to GNAT, Ghc45 if they belong to NAGRAT and Ghc25 if they Belong to CCT.

A Tax of Ghc320 is deducted from source and teachers fund dues of Ghc50 which is Also compulsory is deducted from professional teachers and Ghc40 from Non Professional Teachers. A Non Professional Diploma teacher takes home Ghc 1, 605 as net salary a difference of Ghc145 from professional teacher. The annual salary of a Degree Teacher is Ghc39, 000 whilst a diploma teacher is Gbc25, 000.

Degree Holders who are professionals popularly called Principal Profs PSH16 take he Ghc2, 350 as net salary and Ghc3056 as gross salary, a non professional principal teacher takes home Ghc2,150 as net salary.

Teachers take a professional allowance of Ghc1, 200 every november and those who are not professionals take Ghc800 instead of Ghc1, 200. A headmaster of a Basic school takes a responsibility allowance of Ghc300 for extra duties monthly, a teacher in a senior high school isn’t different from one in the basic school based on salary except for the program offered, a teacher in a basic school with degree in ‘Basic’ Education cannot teach any subject in SHS and as a result must stay in the basic level because the course they offered isn’t related to any shs subject.

An ADII Teacher takes home Ghc2,750 as monthly salary with a gross of Ghc3, 350. When you become a headmaster of an SHS you become entitled to your own car or pickup. Teachers however have higher options to climb, one can move to teach in a college of Education or nursing training college which attracts a salary of Ghc4, 800 monthly, he or she can also move to lecture I’m a polytechnic with a salary o Ghc5, 200 monthly or a university with a salary of Ghc 6, 500.

The Highest Rank a Teacher can Attain is Director General Rank which attracts a Salary of Ghc 9, 600 monthly, none has attained that physical rank anyways.