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Chinese gradually taking over the fishing sector – Fish farmers in A/R



Chinese gradually taking over the fishing sector – Fish farmers in A/R 46



Fish Farmers in the Ashanti Region have asked the Fisheries Ministry to address the infiltration of Chinese in the fishing sector.

The farmers lament that Chinese nationals are collapsing the sector with their illegal activities.

They argue that if the Chinese are not dealt with, they will collapse the sector just like they have engaged in galamsey and destroyed our water bodies.

According to them, the rampant illegal fishing and use of unapproved methods in fishing by foreigners are not economically dangerous but a threat to the health of consumers.

”Our concern is that the activities of the Chinese are threatening the livelihood of dish farmers and fisherfolks in Ghana. We witnessed the issue of the importation of frozen chicken in Ghana, a situation that collapsed the poultry industry. We saw how the Chinese started engaging in galamsey, followed cocoa and now fish farming and fishing. We cannot allow them to take over this sector too. It must be reserved for Ghanaians,” one of the farmers said.

The farmers also lamented the lack of market for the local fish farmers is a major threat to the industry, given the huge investment the fish farming requires and the amount the Chinese pumps in the industry.