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Citizen Kofi’s ‘problem’ with President Akufo-Addo’s ‘reckless’ borrowing.



Citizen Kofi’s ‘problem’ with President Akufo-Addo’s ‘reckless’ borrowing. 46



Dr Kofi Amoah, popularly known as Citizen Kofi, says he has a problem with the flyover bit in the construction of the Obetsebi-Lamptey interchange project.


“Did that project create enough multiplier effect on the economy? Did that project create enough workers who are now earning salaries, who are now paying taxes?” Citizen Kofi asked on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana on Thursday, April 8.

The renowned businessman is on a campaign to stop the Government of Ghana from borrowing from the International Monetary Fund and other financial institutions.

He explained that the flyover, which is being constructed by a Brazilian Company, has left in its wake, a concrete structure that the vehicles ply on and a loan that the country needs to pay.

He noted that if the right thing was done, paying for the loan Ghana borrowed would become very easy.

Dr Kofi Amoah observed that if the loans that the government has been borrowing are used in creating wealth for the citizens and not to construct infrastructure projects, the economy will be stronger.

Citizen Kofi likes the idea that over 150,000 enraged Kenyans have so far signed a petition through in a bid to stop the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from releasing its 257-billion shilling loan to their country.

“The Kenyans have amassed so many signatures and here you are comparing two nations who got independence within ten years of each other and the action that a group of citizens are taking. Let’s see how Ghanaians react,” Citizen Kofi said.

“There’s a certain level of fear inside us that’s not allowing us to be vocal. Not necessarily to put somebody down, but express our inner feelings…we went through the culture of silence for a long time. Adu Boahen came and broke it. We got multi-party democracy. When I spoke to my friends about it, they said, ‘be careful, these people, they can do this to you’.

Why are we so scared? If you live in a country and something is going wrong, find the language to change it. You don’t have to insult anybody. You can’t have your government keep borrowing; they have to come and explain to us.”