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Claims that Kaaka was killed by politicians must be given currency – Barker-Vormawor.



Claims that Kaaka was killed by politicians must be given currency – Barker-Vormawor. 46



Researcher at the University of Cambridge, Oliver Barker-Vormawor says the Ghana Police Service and the Justice Koomson Committee need to give currency to the possibility that Mohammed Kaaka Ibrahim was killed for his activism.

According to him, attempts by the Police Service, some government officials, and politicians to divorce Kaaka’s activism from his murder grossly undermine the ongoing police investigation into the matter.

Speaking on JoyNews’ Newsfile on Saturday, July 10, Barker-Vormawor said, “We have consistently spoken to the family and his family has consistently held that view that he was attacked on the basis of his activism. So this is not a fanciful view that anybody is holding or has brought out of nowhere.”

He explained that the family’s staunch belief that a politician had ordered the murder of Kaaka as a result of his activism should be thoroughly interrogated and not relegated.

He added that even Kaaka while alive had made a video which he posted on social media stating that he had received death threats from political actors who claim his activism in Ejura was putting the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and government in bad light.

According to Oliver, such a claim from the victim himself should not be disregarded but should be a basis for the ongoing police investigation.

He further added that it was unfair, the actions of the police in portraying Kaaka’s brother as the murderer when they’re yet to provide any solid evidence to back the same claim.

“I think Fourth Estate broke the story yesterday, as to the brother who was arrested himself, and the statement that he gave to the police indicating that even when he woke up, he had been informed by members of the family of the death, and when he saw blood on the floor and in the corridor that Kaaka had been attacked by some politicians, and that he had been killed by some politician.

“And that this is the statement he had made to the police and he believes there is no reason why he’ll kill his biological brother, but he believes he was killed by a politician. The family has consistently held that view.

“If you watch all the interviews of the wife, of the mother and of all the family this is the view that they have expressed. The police say they’re looking into that so we have refrained from that. But it was important that that view be given currency because Kaaka himself has made recorded videos which he expressly said that his life might be in danger and this might be his last video,” he said.