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Covid-19: Active Cases In Ghana Skyrocket.



Covid-19: Active Cases In Ghana Skyrocket. 46


Ghana’s active Covid-19 cases have been said to have increased higher according to new statistics by the Ghana health service on their page.


According to reports, the virus is still in existence and therefore people must adhere to all the safety protocols that are been set so as to avoid contracting the virus and spreading it in the process.

In all, the country has recorded 50,376 positive cases out of which 48,626 have recovered and been discharged.

Meanwhile, 323 deaths have been recorded.

Below is the Cumulative Cases per Region:

(Case Count from Highest to Lowest)

Greater Accra Region – 27,064

Ashanti Region – 11,072

Western Region – 3,011

Eastern Region – 2,488

Central Region – 1,940

Bono East Region – 787

Volta Region – 685

Western North Region – 657

Bono Region – 619

Northern Region – 551

Ahafo Region – 528

Upper East Region – 359

Oti Region – 243

Upper West Region – 90

Savannah Region – 62