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Dr. Apaak chases GES over salary for headmaster being paid as an assistant head.



Dr. Apaak chases GES over salary for headmaster being paid as an assistant head. 46



A Ghanaian headmaster (name withheld) has petitioned a Deputy Ranking Member on the Education Committee of Parliament Dr. Clement Apaak to intervene in a matter regarding his monthly salary for him.

The Ghanaian headmaster in his petition said for two years he has received a salary as an assistant headmaster despite being a headmaster.

The headteacher said he has taken several steps to have the issue resolved but all have proved futile.

The affected headteacher said for about two years now, I am being paid the salary of an Assistant Headmaster instead of a Headmaster.

“Serious steps, processes, forms, and templates have been taken or filled but to no avail. Amazingly, GES authorities have denied the existence of such an unfortunate group, being short-changed in the system. Infact, almost all qualified staff of my school, ranging from myself as headmaster, through assistant headmasters, senior housemaster/mistress, heads of department, housemasters/mistresses, form tutors, etc, are all not being paid according to their ranks despite all efforts made.”

He has also raised questions over what he described as low morals in our schools.

“This is the situation in other schools across the country too. Please humbly add your voice through your articles and also appeal to our unions to assist us to correct this injustice.

It makes the administration of the school and direction, a delegation of duty, and management of staff difficult, because of this demotivating syndrome. Consequently, this will also affect our social security contribution and also our retirement package.”

Dr. Apaak who is the MP for Builsa South has therefore asked authorities to address the matter.

According to him, what worries him with regards to the plea by a Headmaster, who’s identity must remain confidential is that it’s our very students we claim to have spent 7.62 billion on in five years who will bear the brunt.

He said the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service must pay Headmasters and managers of our Secondary schools according to their ranks.

“The Headmasters, House Masters, Masters, infact all the managers of our institutions have had no break since the inception of the obnoxious Double track. It’s pure wickedness to deny them pay based on their actual ranks when they are sacrificing so much. Justice delayed is Justice denied. Indeed the low moral in our schools is bound to have negative consequences for teaching and learning. Pay according to ranks to show appreciation and to improve moral”, he added.