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Dr UN ‘ridicules’ Sarkodie in latest video



Dr UN ‘ridicules’ Sarkodie in latest video 1



Self-proclaimed Global Ambassador for the United Nations (UN), Dr. Kwame Fodjour aka Dr. UN has been captured in a recent video ‘ridiculing’ rapper Sarkodie.

Dr. UN who has been ‘mute’ for some time now was spotted in town where he sarcastically disclosed that he will bring another award to Sarkodie in December.

“Sarkodie should get read.I will bring him another award this December” Dr. UN said in the video.

it could be recalled in January that the alleged con artist dared Sarkodie to return his awards if he thinks it’s fake.

Dr UN blasted Sarkodie for criticizing his Global Blueprint Excellence Award as he reiterated that the scheme is credible.

“How can Sarkodie describe the award I gave him as fake? I gave Sarkodie and others genuine awards.I’m ready to help Sarkodie if he humbles himself” 

Dr. UN disclosed in an interview on Angel FM.

Watch the video below: