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EL recounts accident experience, cautions motorists.



EL recounts accident experience, cautions motorists. 1



In May 2020, he was involved in a chain-collision accident. His saving factor he says, was the fact that he was wearing his seatbelt.

A year on, and as part of the GhanaWebRoadSafety campaign to curb road accidents on the country’s roads, the popular musician, Elom Adablah, popularly known as E.L has decided to use his experience as a caution for drivers and motorists.

“I was driving in traffic and all of a sudden and then I got rammed in my back, very hard and I was wondering what it was. I got down from the car and realized it was about 6,7 cars that had run into each other, and I was the last car in that whole collection of cars.

“I was facing my front oh, all of a sudden from my back, my brand new car, something different happened from what I was expecting but luckily I had my seatbelt on and I was the last car so that was basically my saving grace that didn’t get me hit, I’m really really thankful for that.

“There were people who were hurt, various degrees of injuries but me being the last person in that chain, I didn’t get hurt at all,” he said on GhanaWeb TV.
E.L cautioned all drivers to exercise extra caution when driving, as well as observe all the road safety guidelines to save their lives, as well as those of others.

“I’m just really happy that I came out unscathed and I just think that it was a great experience that teaches you that, you never know what will happen in life so you always stay prayed up, you always stay careful.

“There are a lot of people out there in our lives, who love and care about us so make sure you are out there you are safe when you are driving on the roads and make sure you observe all the road safety regulations and rules and do the right thing, save a life,” he added.