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Election 2020: Akufo Addo Must Retire Mahama – Akua Donkor.



Election 2020: Akufo Addo Must Retire Mahama - Akua Donkor. 1

The Flag bearer and Founder for Ghana Freedom Party stated in an interview that, one person who is not to suppose to be the president of Ghana again is former president, John Dramani Mahama. She then gave reasons for why she said that.

Akua Donkor stated that, after the 2012 elections, Dr. Ndum came to her to assist him to form a protest against the win of John Dramani Mahama because they needed one more party to be able to protest against Mahama’s win but she didn’t.

Because she only wanted to remain truthful. She sated that, at that time, she didn’t even know Mahama but only wanted to remain loyal.

She went ahead to explain that, during her manifesto for the 2016 elections, she stated many positive agendas she will be putting in place to help all Ghanaians.

According to her, this made Mahama saw that he might loose the elections to her so Mahama made Charlotte Ossei to disqualify her and other parties from the 2016 elections. She said “Mahama made the electoral commission erase my name from the records and electoral commission told me to come along with the constitution of Ghana. And Mahama later said its because in 2012 I didn’t speak for Akuffo Addo that is why Akuffo Addo did that but Mahama did it”.

She ended her speech by saying “As long as my God lives John Dramani Mahama will never win”.

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