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Elephants takes over Mole motel over low patronage.



Elephants takes over Mole motel over low patronage. 49



Elephants in the Mole National Park have taken over the facilities of the Mole Motel located on the fringes of the Park following the low patronage by tourist as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, elephants in the park noticed there are not many tourists as it used to be and have taken advantage to roam the premises of the hotel on daily basis without any hindrance.

The elephants found the premises which used to be a beehive of activities more enticing due to the abundance of overgrown “milk bush” plants which are their delicacy and takes advantage over the low numbers of tourist at the facility to make the place an everyday venue where they gather to have fun.

On daily basis elephants usually moving in groups of about 10 can be found around the facility with some of the comfortable and not fearful animals making attempt to drink the water from the swimming pool in the Motel.

The Mole Motel started operations after the park which was temporarily closed down on the 23rd March, 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic resumed operations and opened now to tourist but few tourists make it to the popular holiday resort.

The Mole Motel has put in place several safety protocols on the spread and prevention of the coronavirus by ensuring the practice of social distancing and wearing of face masks.

Management of the facility is also ensuring there is enhanced cleaning and disinfection of the facility on regular basis.