Ex- Cultist Recounts His Dreadful Experience From Initiation Phase

Among the long standing vices of the society ravaging the lives and destinies of its victims is cultism. Even worse is the adverse effect cultist have on the security in academic institutions, the society and other areas in which they operate.

Early this week, a victim who narrowly escaped death, narrated his gory experience with a group of different fraternities while he was in school.

“This is my true story and I advise people to learn from this and stay away from cultism.

“I was 19 when I got admitted into the Delta State University, Abraka to Study Geology . I had a cousin I had to put up with due to accommodation issues as my parents are poor and couldn’t afford it at the time.

“They had to borrow to pay my tuition and acceptance fees. Reading geology was very expensive as I had to pay for field works, books and all other materials.

“I struggled through my first year into my second. My cousin then dropped out of school due to financial issues. I was left all alone in Abraka and I made new friends . I had a girlfriend in school then and we call her Joy ( not her real name ). Joy was also dating a cultist ( A member of VIKINGS) . I got a call from Joy that I should come to her hostel and we should pass the night together. She told me she prepared my favorite food and I rushed down like a hungry lion. I got to her house and we had a good time and even had sex.

“At around 9pm, I heard a loud bang on her door and I asked who the person was, “YOU DEY CRAZE, NA YOU GET THE ROOM, JOY COME OUTSIDE I WAN SEE YOU”, that was the voice I heard behind the door. I looked at the time and it was late in the night .I picked up my phone to call a friend to come get me as I sensed danger but my phone went dead. I then sat down in the room and she assured me that all is fine. She went out to meet the guy and they argued loudly and some other boys came in and joined them.

“The next thing I heard was “Aromate wetin dey happen?”, I immediately knew I was in trouble. She came back in and was shouting at them and screaming from inside,” I no wan friend again, na by force?”. I told her I wanted to leave and she said I shouldn’t leave and that it was safer to stay than go out that night. I told her its better to leave than staying indoors and that they could bugle the door at night pretending to be robbers and shoot me.

“I gathered courage and left and immediately I got outside, I saw 5 Fierce looking men and I ran for my life, they chased me and stabbed me , I managed to escape with the injury. The next day, I reported to the police and arrests were made. The police men that came for a raid where also members of the VIKINGS, they made arrests and released them that same day.

“I called my brother and narrated all that happened. He brought in police men from Asaba and by then, it was too late as the guys had to leave town. Joy was picked up and she was asked to make her statement. Joy couldn’t spell simple words like come, night, and she doesn’t even understand the word paragraph.

“The police man in charge of the case looked at me and said ” SO NA BECAUSE OF THIS GIRL DEM BURST YOUR HEAD, SEE YOUR LIFE.” Two months after the incident, I was sitting outside and about 3 of the Vikings gang members came to me and started threatening me. ” YOU GET MIND ABI, YOU GO CALL POLICE FOR US , WE GO KILL YOU TODAY. ”

“They attacked me and injured me for the second time. I rushed back to the police station and some of the vikings police came to me and I explained all that happened. ” LEAVE THAT GIRL ALONE,YOU NO DEY HEAR WORD , YOU GO JUST KILL YOUSELF ” I told them I no longer date the girl and also narrated what happened and the reason for the second attack was that I reported to the police.

“I immediately got a lawyer and we copied the police commissioner and also the divisional police officer of Abraka police station. They threat increased, I started getting death threats from them and even civil defense members who where part of the Vikings gang started threatening me . I then ran to the school hostel to stay with a friend.

“I stayed with a friend for 2 months and then I ran into an old friend and I explained everything to him, he then said I should meet him up at a popular bush bar in Abraka in the night and they will help me. I visited him at night at the bar and I met other guys sitting down with him and I greeted them. I purchased drinks for them and explained everything that happened. They then ask me to go back home to stay and they will see me the next day.

“I went back home and the Vikings cultist came around and said I should go and pay for the drinks they took for two weeks. I resisted and they started slapping me. I had no choice than to pay. I also fetched water for them that night .The next day, my friend came around with the other guys, they came around and warned them never to touch me again or collect money from me. Argument started between them and the next thing I heard was AYEE AXE MEN (Cultist), immediately the Vikings gang members started leaving the scene till they left completely. I was surprised , and one of them said to me ” WE NO GO FIT HELP YOU DO ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU BE JU.”

How my journey to cultism started                                                                                                                    “Two weeks after my friend came with his cult members and warned the Viking cultists to stay clear from my path, a serious war came up between Vikings and the black axe cult group. I was in school and I had just finished lecture in Petrology when a friend told me two Vikings cultists where shot dead just outside the school gate and they where among the Vikings that terrorized me. I was shocked and I refused leaving the school premises even after we finished all lectures for the day, I fear like mad. My friend called me and asked of my whereabout, I told him I was still in school READING (READING BAWO0).

“He rushed down immediately with some guys and took me to Asaba as members of the Vikings confraternity were looking for me because they concluded that I was a cultist, a member of the Neo black movement. To avoid mistaken identity, I had to run with him. I was in Asaba for three weeks and the fight was still on. A police man was also shot dead as he was a member of the vikings cult group. One of the black axe members received a call in the morning of the next day and the call came from his girl friend, Vikings cult group got a hold of the girl and they threatened to kill her if she doesn’t reveal the whereabout of his boyfriend. The Axe man became furious and started shouting “WHO DEM BE WEY MAKE THEM DEY THREATEN MY CR, BLOODY BAGAS!”

“He then made a call to his fellow axe men in Obiaruku that he needs guns and pellet, instead they provided him with shotgun and cartridges . He left for Obiaruku to pick them up and headed straight to Abraka to fight the boys. He calls himself, one man squad and he was respected among the Black Axe cultists. Immediately he got to Abraka, he made some calls to some of his men still in town and they told him to come to campus 3 main gate.

“Immediately he got to the main gate, three men came in a bike and shot him dead in front of the main gate and that was how he ended up. We later discovered the whole thing was a setup and his girl was a cultist, a member of viqueens and they used her to set him up. My exam was fast approaching and no end in sight to the war and my absence from my hostel made it look like I was a black axe cultist as the vikings member where looking for me.

“A week to my exam, they called for a peace talk and the matter was settled with cash for all the lives lost. I came back and wrote my exams after missing classes and attendance registers. My CGPA dropped drastically from 4.6 to 4.2 . Axe men returned to campus and things normalized. Immediately after the exam. I got a call from my axe friend that the girl the Vikings members used for the setup was dead ” HOW FAR PADDY, WE DON DROP THAT GIRL WEY SET JUNIOR UP” They followed her home, tied her hands and legs to her reading chair and inserted boiling ring inside her private part and she fried up and died in her room.

“Time came for one man squad to be buried. I attended the burial ceremony and met other axe men . They observed a ceremony known as “Breaking of Metal” This is a ceremony strictly for fallen axe men and also a time to pay final respect. I heard words like “OBOTE , OBINNA, OBI OF AGBOR, YOU GO LOOSEGUARD YOUR BACK FOR FIRE” I asked the meaning and my friend said he couldn’t tell me the meaning of those words since I was a ju man. He said its called gross misconduct if you reveal NBM orientation to a ju (junior boy). We got home and I still begged to know the meaning of those words, he then told me in private saying the words , OBOTE, OBI , OBINNA means the same thing and it means, an axe man who is or was careless with his life. They blamed him for attempting to go for the HIT alone.

“I left for holidays and came back to campus after a month for resumption. My friend then came up to me with a guy. They came to my house and they talked about sharing formula and all that in percentage terms. After the other guy left, I asked for my share and he said he will give me a little from it and I was happy. He said the other guy that came with him was a Vikings cultist but they are good friends and business partners, I was shocked and asked if it was not the same Vikings cult group that killed his best friend Aruba . He laughed and said ” FORGET THAT MATTER, NA MONEY WE DEY FIND, WHO DIE DON DIE ”

“He then said I should follow him to his hostel to get some things. We got to his room and I saw a pair of yellow stockings, they were new pairs and I pleaded to have them, he then gave me the stockings and told me to wear them . I started wearing yellow stockings to school and all around town without understanding the implications of my actions. I wore them to beach a very cool sunny Sunday and a guy who was apparently a cultist, walked up to me and called me out from my pairs. I followed him and he asked me a particular question ” HOW FAR PADDY, YOU DEY PLAY 7 ? ” I was confused and I replied him instantly , Bros I no understand wetin be 7.

“The next thing I felt was a loud slap , I held my cheek and asked:
ME: Wetin i do na
GUY: You dey craze, commot the socks from your leg
ME: But na socks na and why you come slap me?
GUY: You dey craze abi? You dey ask me stupid question abi?

“I received a blow straight to my nose and before iI could regain myself, I was bleeding so fast. They collected my phone, wallet and I had school fees scratch cards in my wallet. My guys took me to a nearby pharmacy and I was treated. I hurried up to see my friend to explain what happened to him. I met him at home and explained everything to him, he was mad and angry and went straight to the beach the next day. We got to the beach and we couldn’t find the guys, they disappeared with my phone and school fees card. He then started making calls but I couldn’t retrieve my items. “IF TO SAY YOU BE STRONG MAN NA, ALL THIS THINGS FOR NO HAPPEN TO YOU.” He said.

“I left school for home for proper medical care as my nose was swollen. I came back to campus after a week and the cultist that took my wallet saw me again at a bar with a friend and ordered me to get them drinks. I had just 2k on me and I used that to order them drinks. I sneaked out to call my friend and to let him know the guys that collected my phone are with me, ” WETIN YOU WANT MAKE I DO? MAKE I GO MEET EGEDE MEN COLLECT YOUR THINGS BACK? YOU BE JU OOO MY GUY AND I NO FIT COLLECT YOUR THINGS BACK FOR YOU, IF TO SAY NA EIYE OR VIKINGS COLLECT AM, I FOR TRY COLLECT THEM BACK FOR YOU BUT NA MY BROTHERS COLLECT AM AND SO I NO FIT HELP YOU GUY, TRY UNDERSTAND ME ” I felt so bad and weak and left the bar.

“The next day, I called my friend and told him I was ready to be a cultist, a member of the NEO black movement. He jumped up and said, “na now you dey talk.” He said, I need to get the form and the form will cost me 15k. I told him to give me time to raise funds and he agreed. I was able to raise the funds and I gave it to him, ” CORRECT MAN, YOU GO GIVE ME BLACK AND WHITE PASSPORT, NO WORRY, I GO SOON CARRY YOU ENTER JOLLY” he uttered.

Confessions to be continued next week…

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