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#FixGhana: It’s primitive for National Security officers to boast on streets – Norman.



#FixGhana: It’s primitive for National Security officers to boast on streets – Norman. 46



President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Institute for Security, Disaster and Emergency Studies, Dr Ishmael Norman has identified some weaknesses in the national security architecture that must be addressed immediately.

He noted that there are some operatives of the national security who always announce to the world that they belong to the state security agency.

This, he said, is primitive and must stop.

He said this while speaking at Media General’s forum on whose duty it is fix the country, on Thursday June 10.

“At the street level, the staff of national security do not show professionalism so it is a big weakness and they are ready to announce to the whole world that they are operatives of national security , that is poor, that is primitive,” he said.

Dr Norman further noted that although Ghana has been spared terrorist attacks, the security agencies especially the National Security must be on the alert.

“The National security will have to do its work very well because the sub region is facing serious upheaval.

“It to always foil attacks coordinate the Police and Immigration to and miscreants arrested and prosecuted,” he said.

He added “On this call, I can say national security has achieved a lot of successes which we may not know about and it should continue to do because Ghana has been spared of terrorist attacks but we need to watch the northern part of our country really well in consideration of the development in Burkina Faso and other parts of the country.”

General Manager of News at Media General, Mr Sedem Ofori assured that Media General will provide its platforms at all time as part of efforts to shape to address the issues facing the country.

Speaking at a forum he said “Today’s forum has been inspired by the increases spate of social agitations in Ghana especially among the youth who feel dissatisfied with the state of affairs as regards access to jobs and livelihood opportunities , access to quality and affordable education , human environmental security , the perceived lack of candor in government and the pervasive culture of impunity in public office.

“As the leading television station in Ghana, TV3 has been consistent in leveraging its unmatched reach and influence to engage various sections of the public on topical issues which germane to the times .

“Today, we have brought together thought leaders to help us diagnose what it is about Ghana that it needs to be fixed.”