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#FixTheCountry campaign: Security agencies must be on alert – Kelvin-Annan.



#FixTheCountry campaign: Security agencies must be on alert – Kelvin-Annan. 1



On the back of a strong social media trend calling on government to sit up and fix what is broken in the country, a youth coach, Amos Kelvin-Annan has called on security agencies to stay alert.

His call on security agencies to be on the alert is to avert any incidents in future.

Speaking on the Asaase Breakfast Show Tuesday, May 4, 2021, Mr Kelvin-Annan said, “They may have started innocently but if it is not properly managed, can get into a state where it will create an absurdity for all of us. So, I would encourage the security agencies and those in charge of the technology space to keep their eyes on the ball so that it doesn’t degenerate.”

He projected that the campaign is likely to create tension in the society looking at the direction of the messages posted on social media.

The youth coach furthered that although Ghanaians have the right to speak on any issue in the country, it must be done in a respectful manner.

“And where it is getting to, that will create tension and discomfort in the society. We cannot discomfort the society to comfort others, that is not right, we are all in it together and we all deserve the same space.”

“As long as it does not degenerate into insults and abuses, uproars, I think we should grant people the space to ventilate, because ventilation is very important, for those of us in the space of therapy, giving people the opportunity to ventilate the heat within them is a very important one and it does help a lot for social cohesion.”

Twitter users have however stated categorically that the #FixTheCountry is not politically motivated rather one purposely aimed at pointing out some critical issues that need to be dealt with as soon as possible.