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Ghanaian arrested in Turkey for trying to export guns to Ghana.



Ghanaian arrested in Turkey for trying to export guns to Ghana. 46



The Chief Executive Officer of Gabon Express Cargo aka Mr. Gabon has confirmed that a Ghanaian brought him goods to export to Ghana, but after examining the package, they discovered guns in them.

A video went viral on social media with the CEO and some workers in his office speaking on the matter.

According to him, after the package was delivered, one of his boys told the man at the centre of the issue to allow him to unpack the items, but he told him he was late for work and so left.

But after they checked the package, they discovered that guns were hidden in the package.

He further noted that after they discovered the guns, they called the person to come over so they would repackage his items, but he refused to come.

He later reported the incident at the Ghana Embassy in Turkey, where he operates.

He told Kwabena Agyapong that his request was to help arrest the person involved.

He said he helped the Turkey Police to arrest the individual after they had lured him to come and pay for the services.

He refused to disclose the identity of the person and those who were to receive the guns because it would prevent the Police from arresting them.

He added that the accomplices in Turkey cannot be traced but the Ghanaian has been detained.