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Ghanaians don’t understand business – Beverly Afaglo



Beverly Afaglo

Beverly Afaglo Baah, a Ghanaian actress and TV personality known in the entertainment industry as Beverly Afaglo, argues that Nigerian businesspeople understand the showbiz sector better than Ghanaians.

Beverly Afaglo states that certain Ghanaian singers and actresses, including herself, were driven to fly to Nigeria to work in the film business a few years ago due to the generosity of Nigerian millionaires.

“The positive side is that moving to Nigerian made us rich because Nigerians understand the show business. They understand the showbiz in the sense that, there is no single Nigerian millionaire who will invite you to their event without giving you something.” Beverly Afaglo told Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM.

“The Ghanaian millionaire will tell you to bring your friends to their wedding without paying anything, forgetting that, you spend money to look good. If she is a woman she would pay a make-up artiste to make her look good, maybe GHc500, 300.

“She will come and sit there, waste her time as well to grace you event. Then all you could do is take pictures with the celebrity, have fun and that’s all. A Nigerian will never do that”. She narrated.