Grand Master of Freemasons orders all ‘masons of rank & fortune’ to release money to support COVID-19

The Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of Ghana E.C., R.W. Bro. Isaac Owulaku Hood has issued a “Masonic call to Alms” notice to all his brethren to support the fight against CVID-19.

He pleaded with his fellow brethren to help support the fight against the deadly virus by donating to the COVID-19 Fund which was established by President Nana Addo.

The Grand Master more so thanked those who have so far contributed to supporting the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research in their fight against COVID-19 by channeling resources to them.

R.W. Bro. Isaac Owulaku Hood, however, said that he has observed that the name of some masons with “doubtless rank and fortune” are prominently and conspicuously missing from the contributors.

He also made a special appeal.

“Against this background, and in response to recurring inquiries, I would like to make a special appeal to each lodge in the District to make a collective contribution to the Fund.  With a consideration to possibly closing the appeal earlier than 30th April 2020, as originally envisaged, I would be grateful if contributions could be received before 20th April 2020. “

Find Attached the letter:

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