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Herdsman found dead at Guaman in Jasikan.



Herdsman found dead at Guaman in Jasikan. 46



The body of a herdsman with gunshot wounds has been found at Guaman in the Jasikan District of the Oti Region.

The body of a young man was found in the middle of a farm path two minutes from the community.

According to the Odikro Bekoe of the Guaman community, a report was made Sunday afternoon to the elders of the town about the finding.

A report was also made to the police who took the body to Hohoe for preservation and further investigations.

The police are yet to make any public comment on the matter, citing investigative procedures.


In his narration, the Odikro said the activities of the herdsmen in the area is worrying but denied the community involvement in the death of the herdsman.

Earlier Sunday at about 8 am a fracas ensued between the herdsmen in Atakrom when the herdsmen were alleged to have attacked a man in his forties on his way from the farm with his wife.

This saw the mobilisation of the youth in the community that lead to the arrest of four of the herdsmen who are currently in police custody.

JoyNews sources say there was some deployment of security to the town to calm tension.

Odikro Beckoe believed the dead body was a spillover from what happened at Guaman Sunday morning.

He is blaming the District Security Council (DISEC) for the delay in relocating the herdsmen whose activities he said are denying the residents the full economic benefits of their toils.

According to him, a DISEC meeting was held at their instance where authorities promised them the relocation of the animals within a week.

But a different meeting was held with the herdsmen and the cattle owners where a different date was reached which communication did not reach them.

He is calling for security presence in the area as his people cannot go about their duties from tomorrow for fear of reprisal attack.

Residents have complained to JoyNews that the activities of the herdsmen in recent years have denied them the full yield of their harvest.

They are calling on authorities to act quickly to save lives and property in the area.

Odikro Beckoe is asking government to quickly deploy operation calm legs to the area as there could be a reprisal in the coming days.

According to him, they have been completely surrounded by the herdsman in the area and have become helpless with the cattle taking over their farms and threats to their wives anytime they have encounters with the herdsmen on their farms.


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