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Hospitals now depend on cylinders for oxygen – Dr. Abdullah.



Hospitals now depend on cylinders for oxygen – Dr. Abdullah. 49



Dr Hadi Mohammed Abdullah, a renowned Neurosurgeon at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital has said hospitals in the country now depend on cylinders for oxygen even though there are oxygen pipes that are built together with the hospitals to supply patients with oxygen.

Speaking on Starr Chat on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, monitored by GhanaWeb, the surgeon indicated that situations in the hospitals are very disgraceful and Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first President, will be turning in his grave by now.

“When you go to our hospitals and you see the oxygen pipes there and then you see a cylinder by, it should tell you that Nkrumah will be turning in his grave because we have retrogressed as a country,” Dr Abdullah said.

He added, “if we could build a hospital many years ago and had oxygen pipes to it, and now we had to depend on cylinders for most of our hospitals; we have hospitals that we don’t have monitors, it is disgraceful.”

Dr Hadi Mohammed Abdullah stated that he is not saying this to attack the ruling government or make the opposition government look nice in the eyes of Ghanaians but that is the situation on the ground.

He said the young doctors coming up think the situation at the various hospitals is normal.

“I am sure when you call a young doctor that you want to build a hospital and he should help, I would be surprised that the young doctor as part of your plan will even think that you should add a defibrillator to it.

“Meanwhile, this is something that an ordinary citizen should be able to do,” he stressed.

Dr Abdullah challenged the media houses to campaign for defibrillators in the hospitals so that the government will wake up and fix it because a defibrillator should be something basic for a hospital in Ghana.

“If at the end, our healthcare system is better, and I see the angel of death coming, I’ll be smiling,” he said.