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How Akuapem Poloo’s lawyer plans to save her from imprisonment.



How Akuapem Poloo’s lawyer plans to save her from imprisonment. 1



Andy Vortia, the lawyer for embattled actress and socialite Akuapem Poloo has revealed the strategy he will employ in order to convince the judge to give his client the least possible punishment.

Poloo’s fate will be decided today after she was found guilty of charges of misdemeanour, domestic violence and publishing obscene materials.

The actress could risk a maximum three years if the judge opts to go full sentence.

Speaking on Peace FM’s entertainment review programme, Andy Vortia disclosed that he will plead with the court to show his client some mercy since she admitted guilt and prevented the court from ‘wasting time’.

He will also make a case to the effect that it will be counterproductive for the court to imprison a lady with a young child.

She found guilty of misdemeanour which is a fine. The second is domestic violence and she be bonded or cautioned or be made to pay a fine or jailed for not more than three years.

“I will plead with the court that she didn’t waste the court’s time. Secondly, she’s a young girl with a child so if she’s imprisoned, who will take her of her kid. These are some of the things,” he said.

He further cautioned some celebrities to refrain from attacking the court since their utterances could scupper any chance of getting a favourable ruling for the actress.

“Her [Akuapem Poloo] fate is in the hands of the judge now, [the judge] will confine herself within the parameters of the law. The law says she [Akuapem Poloo] can be fined, jailed or both…I as the lawyer will be pleading with the judge in court and not on social media…” Lawyer Andy Vortia told Kwasi Aboagye on Peace FM monitored by GhanaWeb on Thursday.