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How I lost my job when I became paralyzed – Paraplegic Uber driver recounts.



How I lost my job when I became paralyzed – Paraplegic Uber driver recounts. 46



Losing one’s source of income can be depressing, especially if it was as a result of no fault of yours.

It is even more disheartening when you’re a person with a disability.

But that is the story of Ellah Ametor Avumatsodo, an energetic and hardworking roofing contractor who lost his ability to walk, after falling from the 2nd storey of a building he was roofing.

Things went south for Mr Avumatsodo as he was dismissed from his workplace.

He alleged on GhanaWeb’s People&Places programme that after he told his superiors at work about his recurring problem of not being able to sustain transportation cost to work due to his condition, his employment was terminated.

“With my disability, I can’t take trotro. If I stand with my wheelchair by the roadside public transport don’t pick me… so I use taxi every day to work. It was highway time.

“When I was there, they gave the thing to a private man and transferred me to Aburi.

“When the private man came, they transferred me to go and work at Aburi. And I went to the office to discuss with the HR and told them that with my disability if I say I’ll be going to Aburi where the tollbooth is and coming the monthly pay that you’re giving me won’t be enough for even my transport fare because I’ll use a taxi every day…

“Three months after working they transferred me to Dodowa again. And I went to the office to tell them that my name had appeared again, and they said ‘wait you’ll hear from us’.

“I waited for the company for three months…, Ella told Wonder Hagan.