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How Kanye West became a changed person.



How Kanye West became a changed person. 55



How Kanye West became a changed person. 56

This is the old Kanye.

The “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” Kanye.

Kanye was a real mommas boy, he always took time to thank his mom for every album.

Graduation, late registration, and the college dropout.

Those were the albums he released when his mom was alive.

People loved how he called out authorities how he was religious in his songs (which isn’t as common in rappers).

She sadly passed away in 2007, due to a failed surgery.

Her death left a scar on Kanye, she was the only person at the time who loved him unconditionally.

He was slightly depressed because of it.

But then something else happened in his private life.

Some may not know but Kanye used to be engaged with somebody else.

How Kanye West became a changed person. 57

After they broke up Kanye felt a surge of sadness. He wanted to release an album similar to the previous ones but he felt obliged to try something new enter his new era.

How Kanye West became a changed person. 58

Once the album came out people responded:

  • It’s too emotional.
  • This isn’t Kanye he sounds so soft.
  • Why isn’t he socially conscious anymore?!
  • Why is he complaining that he is rich?
  • The 808’s don’t do it for me

He even said that he could easily make the same album/singles forever and earn an income as before (i.e golddigger, flashing lights, stronger, etc..) but decided to try something new.

The album was new and people were shocked but little do they know that the shift in Kanye Wests mentality became a groundbreaking year in Hip Hop.